The Information

Apple Reporter
Apple’s evolution into one of the most valuable companies in the world was one of the biggest stories in tech of the past 20 years. How it changes as it grapples with a slowdown of its most important product, the iPhone, is sure to be one of the biggest tech stories of the next few years. The Information is looking for a reporter to cover this story. It is a great opportunity for the right reporter to chronicle what is sure to be one of the most closely watched corporate sagas of the coming decade.

We need someone with the drive and skills to get inside Apple, one of the most secretive companies in tech. The ideal candidate will already have experience covering the company, including an existing group of sources, though a track record of original reporting on other parts of tech is a desirable alternative. Curiosity, creativity and perseverance are prerequisites for all candidates.   

Writing for The Information isn’t like working for other publications. We don’t rewrite press releases. We only write stories with exclusive information. That liberates reporters from the need to sit in the office, churning out commodity news. It means reporters can get out and meet sources, pursuing what they think is important. The aim is to tell the real story of what’s going on at companies, rather than the superficial story that dominates much of the media.
20 October 2020