The Information

Distribution Editor
The current era in media has been defined by a battle between two forces: content and distribution. This has largely been chalked up to a media versus tech fight. For years, media companies ceded the distribution battle to tech companies—at huge expense. More recently they have realized the error of their ways and started focusing on retaining their own audience and journalism. Still, best-in-class journalism and innovative distribution tactics too often remain antagonistic, in our industry and in our newsrooms. At The Information, we have always seen things differently and, quite simply, we are playing with a different set of cards than other media companies. We have leveraged the tech platforms without depending on them. We have built our own audience of paying subscribers who are deeply loyal to our journalism, reading dozens of articles a week.  As we get more ambitious about our journalism, we want to continue to get more ambitious about our distribution. And we are searching for a very special editor to run these efforts. This editor will be responsible for making sure that our best in class journalism reaches the right audience—with responsibilities before and after we press publish. 
11 January 2022