The Information

Editorial Director of Newsletters
The Information is looking for an editor to oversee our expanding portfolio of newsletters. This is a senior position leading an important new initiative by The Information, a seven-year-old must-read publication covering the tech and media industries. The Information has always been defined by the belief that the future of news rests on 1) the value of deep content essential to those with expertise in a subject and 2) a close relationship between reporters and readers. Newsletters are a fabulous way to accomplish both aims, and we’re doubling down on them, launching a slew of new ones in the coming months to drive the next phase of our growth. To oversee editing, we’re looking for an experienced, fast and versatile journalist who’s interested in a wide range of subjects across the broader tech business sphere. Potential subjects of future newsletters could include cryptocurrencies, the public cloud and the influencer economy. Most of these will be daily newsletters, and the editorial director will play a key role in the development, journalism and operations of these newsletters. 
30 August 2021