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Microsoft and Cloud Reporter
Microsoft, the second most valuable company in the world, touches nearly all of humanity. Not only has it expanded beyond software and internet applications like Office (365) and LinkedIn to become a key provider of cloud computing services alongside Amazon Web Services, it has increasingly shown it means to become a consumer-facing company too: It looked to acquire TikTok, Pinterest and Discord, to name a few, after previously having acquired some of the world’s most popular video games to boost its surging Xbox business. We’re looking for an ambitious reporter to go deep on Microsoft and some of its enterprise software brethren, including Adobe and Salesforce, which are also growing rapidly. Another important part of the beat involves covering relative newcomers in apps, such as Zoom and Hopin, as well as Snowflake, Databricks and their ilk in cloud services. Speaking of the cloud, Microsoft’s Azure business is a force, and this role offers a chance to cover the battle royale between that unit and AWS and Google Cloud over the hundreds of billions of dollars that could be spent annually by their customers on cloud computing over the coming decade. This horse race has led to a never-ending stream of rich stories that get into the weeds of how the internet works as well as how much it costs to operate. In this arena, press releases often tell only a small fraction of the real story.
30 November 2021