Communications and Media Relations Specialist, Financial Services
You will work closely with the Financial Services External Communications & Media Relations Leader to bring visibility to IBM's expertise in the global financial services industry, a sector which accounts for nearly 40% of the company's revenue. This role requires creativity in leveraging client wins, IBM announcements, thought leadership, industry trends and news cycles to identify earned media opportunities and craft timely, interesting and relevant pitches that synthesize complex technology and financial services industry topics. Using your strong storytelling skills and your extensive experience working with the financial services press, you will secure media engagements, including phone, podcast and video interviews, bylined articles, media tours and informational briefings. To be successful, you must come to work with a “sleeves rolled up” attitude and possess strong writing and presentation skills. You should demonstrate the ability to work closely with business partners and other communications colleagues, as well as actively cultivate mutually-beneficial relationships with media and other influencers. You must be comfortable working independently as well as with large cross-company, multi-disciplinary and global teams in order to accomplish goals.
11 June 2021