Automotive Business Reporter
Insider is seeking an automotive business reporter to join our growing Transportation team. 

This person will cover the inner workings of this wide-ranging space, including the companies and people leading the auto industry into an increasingly electric and autonomous world. They will chart the rise (or fall) of promising startups, track the efforts of established players to continually modernize, and explain to our readers how the people building our cars are adapting to myriad challenges, chief among them a pandemic, regulators desperate to address a changing climate, and business models built for the 20th century. 

The ideal candidate will be eager to speak to employees at all levels of a company, from the c-suite to the assembly line floor. They will be excited to write engaging stories with various perspectives that bring the changing nature of the auto industry to light for our readers. 

The autos reporter will join our transportation section, a team of reporters who cover everything from airlines to rocket launches to ride-hailing. We value collaboration, open communication, and creative problem solving.
27 January 2021