Breaking News Editor
Insider Inc is launching a global news bureau in Singapore. To start, we’ll be operating as a small, tight-knit team of people who thrive on taking on new challenges, jumping on the biggest news of the day, and building a new operation from the ground up. If you’re a diehard news junkie and social media obsessive, you could be the perfect fit for Insider’s breaking news reporter position in this bureau. As stage one of our expansion into Singapore, we’re looking to hire a team of reporters to cover stories focused on US news and news that impacts a US audience. Reporters in this role can also expect their coverage to branch out to cover more regional and international stories. On a daily basis, breaking news reporters are responsible for following world events and reporting on them in real time across multiple social media platforms and on our website. They are also responsible for contributing original reporting on news events. That means one day, you could be following the updates on the coronavirus. The next, you’d be reporting on the latest debate in American politics, or the most recent Instagrammer drama.
17 May 2021