Clean Energy Editor
Insider is looking for an editor to oversee our coverage of the energy industry, focused on renewable energy and clean tech. This is a player-coach role, and we expect the individual in it to play an active role in delivering scoops and features as they work to expand our energy team over time.

The energy industry is going through an epic transformation, accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic, creating a big opportunity for an ambitious editor to make a mark in this role. Governments and investors are pushing fossil fuel companies and legacy utilities to work to reduce their carbon footprints, as the impacts of climate change come into sharper focus. Meanwhile, startups are developing clean-energy products and services with the backing of major venture capitalists.

We value coverage that takes readers inside companies and makes an impact. Our reporting first exposed Exxon’s employee ranking system, which it used to quietly cut staff as oil prices crashed. In response to our story on solar-panel marketing, Facebook removed ads that misled the public about the cost of solar energy. We’ve also made a mark through our fresh analyses and deep dives into opaque industries from biofuels to renewable energy certificates. 
10 February 2021