Correspondent, Newsletters
Insider is hiring a correspondent to lead a morning flagship newsletter. The role requires a Sunday - Thursday schedule if based in the US, or Monday - Friday if based in the UK. The soon-to-be-relaunched weekday morning newsletter will equip Insider readers with the major news and analysis they need to start their weekdays. This correspondent will be a smart, curious, optimistic and great conversational writer, serving as the chief voice of the newsletter. This writer will be responsible for writing daily analysis and news to introduce the top stories of the day. The correspondent will be responsible for curating and writing the news and analysis sections of the newsletter for each weekday morning, spanning business, markets, tech, and politics. They should feel comfortable, for instance, writing about a major shift in the tech world one day and breaking down complicated policy the next. They’ll be responsible for ensuring that the newsletter highlights the top stories that Insider readers need to know. The weekday flagship newsletter is a priority for Insider’s growing editorial newsletter team. The correspondent will work closely with the Head of Newsletters on editorial to create the tone and format of the newsletter. They will be a team player who’s eager to help launch the newsletter and support operations as needed.
6 January 2022