Facebook Reporter
One of the first stories to put Business Insider on the map was our exclusive publication of Mark Zuckerberg’s personal IMs during the early days of Facebook. Since then, our reporting has already highlighted harassment allegations against Mark Zuckerberg’s personal security chief, how WhatsApp tracking apps allowed people to spy on people they know, and how doctors with verified accounts have been sharing reams of COVID disinformation. 

The candidate should be able to translate industry jargon into everyday language and make technical concepts relevant to a general business audience, identify the stories that matter and connect them to the broader economic and political context. The role will involve working with our editors to conceptualize, report and write analysis and longer-term feature stories as well as cover breaking news as needed.

The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of the tech industry, including the key companies, personalities, products and trends, the competitive landscape, and the nuances of the various business models. They will be a team player who can adapt to a fast-changing news cycle.
24 December 2020