Fintech Correspondent
Insider is hiring a correspondent to deepen and elevate our coverage of financial technology. This person will join our finance team to cover the latest tech changing the world of trading, banking, lending, and payments. From early-stage startups to established banks and hedge funds, the correspondent will stay on top of what is new and trending when it comes to fintech. This correspondent will have a strong sense of news judgment, deep sourcing across Wall Street, and a history of producing agenda-setting coverage. Ideal candidates will also have experience writing deeply reported features that get inside the industry’s biggest and most sought-after companies, in addition to breaking news on a day-to-day basis. This will be a high-profile role in a newsroom that values collaboration, curiosity, and the ability to think outside the box. This correspondent should already have a wide range of industry-insider sources, strong news judgement to deliver heat-seeking stories, and the ability to translate complex topics in a conversational style. They will be a team player with the flexibility to adapt in a fast-paced environment. 
17 December 2021