Markets Insider fellow, cryptocurrency (Summer 2021)
Insider is looking for a fellow to cover cryptocurrencies as part of the UK financial markets team.

Our markets reporters write for the Markets Insider site, a global real-time markets data destination. They deliver fresh insights to our audience and provide readers with critical insight and data. The team works collaboratively with reporters and editors in the UK and US, and values teamwork, creativity, and open communication.

The markets fellow will cover the biggest markets stories with a focus on cryptocurrencies, covering Bitcoin, Ethereum and what the world’s top investors think of these currencies. They will help break news on the cryptocurrency market, make investor research reports interesting, spot market trends, break down the market zeitgeist, and work quickly to execute their ideas.

The Insider Fellowship Program is for early career journalists who want to spend six months learning from a newsroom full of passionate, dedicated journalists. Fellows are assigned to teams and become experts in digital storytelling. They produce real work that is distributed to our audience of millions, and by the end of six months are prepared for the next phase of their journalism careers. 
27 January 2021