Real-Estate Investing Editor
Insider is looking for an editor to lead our coverage of real-estate investing as part of the US markets and investing teams. Our editor will oversee a team focused on informing readers about all the different ways everyday people can invest in real estate, from house-hacking to fix-and-flip. This person will explore these tactics in depth and provide examples of them being used in the real world. They will have a keen eye for characters and personalities that can put a human face on stories. The team will write for the community of people who are always on the hunt for new ways to buy, rehab, rent, refinance, and repeat — or find a new way to invest entirely. It will speak to industry influencers and outline emerging trends. Once established, this person will be given resources to grow a team. We are looking for an editor and real-estate junkie who has impeccable attention to detail, a digital-first mindset, and the ability to bring out the best in people. The person will be involved in the verification of investor claims as it pertains to both property ownership and monetary returns. The ability to write a great headline is also a must. 
20 September 2021