West Coast Nights and Weekends Editor
Insider is looking for a news editor who is quick, passionate about breaking business news, and has a knack for telling stories in a relatable and compelling way. This is a full-time position based on the West Coast, with a schedule of Wednesday-Sunday, 7pm-3am ET.  This editor will work as a player/coach alongside senior news editors and a small team of reporters and fellows who help cover stories from our business verticals, including tech, finance, strategy, transportation, healthcare and retail. These reporters will file breaking news, as well as news analysis and features. The editor should be comfortable regularly handling this mixture of story edits and juggling multiple responsibilities at one time. This editor will also have the opportunity to report and write their own business stories.

You’ll also be responsible for a nightly hand-off to the London-based business news team, as well as curating the Business Insider homepage with relevant and trending stories.
15 March 2021