Insider Inc.

Direct to Consumer Reporter
Insider is hiring a full-time DTC reporter. At Insider’s Retail desk, we cover the rapidly changing world of how companies sell people things. We are looking for someone to cover the evolving world of direct-to-consumer brands as these companies move from Instagram ads to IPOs. There are new headwinds as the direct-to-consumer business model has evolved from innovative to the default way to launch a new consumer brand. Changes in online advertising mean customer acquisition costs are rising, and in-store sales and partnerships with big box stores are now the way to grow sales and brand awareness. Meanwhile, a hot labor market makes it harder to hold on to talent, and customers remain fickle as ever. Ideally, you’ll have a rolodex of diverse contacts within the DTC industry —  or the drive to build one. You’ll know the major and upcoming products, entrepreneurs, analysts, investors, and innovations in the space. You won’t just follow the news but break it with scoops, inside stories, and exclusive information that advances our readers’ understanding of how the DTC space is evolving. 
24 November 2021