International Business Times (US)

Finance Managing Editor
International Business Times is seeking a fast paced senior digital editor to lead to help build out the website and lead the US breaking news team. Successful candidates will have a business and / or finance journalism background.  Understanding of the markets - including traditional equities and economic indicators - as well as crypto and other emerging investing opportunities is a must.  Successful candidates will grow and an in-house team as well as coordinate with global teams. The candidate will also aggressively build out networks of contributors and freelancers across a number of topics, primarily equities and investing, analysis and opinion. 

In addition to business, the editor will assign, edit and publish stories that meet IBTimes's editorial standards on a wide range of breaking news topics, including politics natural disasters, crime, weather, business and technology. The editor must be able to identify these stories, manage assignments to play to reporters' strengths and edit quickly and accurately. The ideal candidate will hold writers to high standards, whether on quick hits or longer-term assignments.
22 February 2021