Launch That

Senior Financial Content Editor & Strategist
How would you like to be part of a writing team that produces consistently excellent content, embraces collaboration, celebrates wins and enjoys being part of a fun, modern company culture? Launch That is an established leader in the world of digital marketing. We have a track record of creating vibrant, successful digital brands. Our core competencies are SEO and SEM -- inbound marketing -- and we are known for building websites that have excellent content. We invest in our writers, editors and content strategists. We have a history of hiring journalists, technical writers, researchers and other word-centric creatives. Our new office is in downtown Orlando, and it's an engaging, collaborative environment that combines high tech with an industrial look and a monster kitchen/break room. Mostly, though, we focus on hiring and developing great people. This senior-level role is expected to reflect expertise, autonomy and self-direction in its approach to the responsibilities assigned below. Our ideal candidate has a combination of: great writing, editing and digital marketing strategy skills, and foundational knowledge of the complex financial and retirement topics we cover.
29 June 2021