Love Story Writers
What does true love look like today? We’re seeking stories about finding love, losing love, re-finding love, re-losing it…you get the gist! Deadline: 6 June 2022 Narratively is a storytelling platform and production company that celebrates humanity through diverse, authentic, high-quality content. Our human-centric work spans longform writing, digital video, podcasts, TV and film and our platform, (one of TIME’s “50 Best Websites”), is the creative engine behind much of that storytelling. It is home to thousands of true, original human-interest stories fueled by Narratively’s highly-vetted global network of journalists and storytellers who come to us with their passion projects that are too unique, too quirky, too in-depth, or too evergreen for mainstream media. These could be reported stories or first-person pieces. The most important thing is that your story has an in-depth narrative arc that traces the surprising and intriguing course of a one-of-a-kind modern romance. It could be a story about a couple who met 30 years ago and just rekindled the flame, or about two (or hey, more than two) people who came from starkly different backgrounds and were shocked to find out they fit together perfectly. Happy endings are not required as long as there’s plenty of romance, drama, humor, uplifting spirit and excitement along the way. We’re particularly interested in stories that have unfolded recently, as opposed to historical pieces, and we’re eager to swoon over the types of epic love stories we’ve never seen in a rom com (yet).
6 June 2022