Montecito Journal Media Group

Managing Editor
Seeking a Managing Editor who can write with a powerful voice, edit with a sharp pen, and is comfortable working in old school print and new school technology. We seek a brave soul who is inclined to peek outside the box of traditional straight down the middle journalism, to consider the possibilities of creating inspired content for an intelligent audience with a sense of humor. 

Weekly local newspapers, the Montecito Journal and the Santa Barbara Sentinel, are now under new leadership and are part of a more expansive media effort called the Montecito Journal Media Group. At a time when hyper-local allow for greater truth, greater authenticity, and provide a stronger community voice, the Montecito Journal is seeking, through its multi-pronged print, digital and event platforms, to build community through inspired and authentic content; to connect its readers and viewers through a shared human experience. 

If you are a hard worker and love journalism and want to be part of leading a company whose mission is to take local journalism to the next level where it not just survives, but thrives, reach out. We’ll reach back.
3 June 2020