Nashville Business Journal

Editor in Chief
Nashville Business Journal is looking for an Editor-in-Chief to lead a talented newsroom in one of the country’s most dynamic, innovative and fast-paced business communities.

As the highest-ranking newsroom leader, the EIC is responsible for driving newsroom culture, product strategy and quality journalism across all platforms. The EIC will lead the news team to relentlessly build an engaged audience. The EIC must be equally at home in both print and digital, with pronounced leadership and innovation in both.

To be successful, the EIC must have well-honed hard news instincts, a burning curiosity about business and people, a deft editing hand, and be equal parts leader, entrepreneur and marketer. Your passion for great journalism, deep source building and original breaking news, and your ability to guide and mentor your news team to perform to your high standards, will lead you to join the ranks of the best newsroom leaders in our company.
14 November 2019