The Forward

News Enterprise Reporter
Are you an experienced journalist with investigative instincts and skills? Someone passionate about issues of identity, polarization, hate speech and digital misinformation? Eager to hold powerful institutions and leaders to account and explore the complexities of today’s American Jewish world? Then you might be the Forward’s next News-Enterprise Reporter. The Forward, the nation’s oldest and largest Jewish news organization, is seeking someone who can shape and land memorable, high-impact projects but also spin quick scoops and distinctive takes off the day’s happenings. The successful applicant will be an intrepid, innovative, omnivorous newshound who is comfortable both with data and documents and with human source-building and narrative storytelling. Someone committed to the traditional mission of independent journalism but ready to develop new habits for expressing it for the audiences and platforms of today and tomorrow. We are a small team with limited resources, so we need entrepreneurial thinking and a collaborative spirit, in order to leverage tools and partnerships to best tell stories. Our staff is passionate about driving and hosting the American Jewish conversation, and open-minded about experimenting to find the best ways of doing so. The right candidates will have demonstrated track records of framing important questions and doggedly pursuing them.
16 July 2021