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Supervising Editor/Supervising Senior Editor
Fairness, wealth, well-being, inequality, power, all of it and more. What a time to cover the economy! Capitalism itself is coming under question. Basic assumptions about economics are falling away. We’re facing a profound moment of economic crisis, with deep human suffering, disparate impacts along racial and ethnic lines, all while wealth and innovation are soaring. It’s complicated. It’s confusing. It’s a lot. Does that energize you? 

We need someone with a steady hand, analytical mind, creative instincts and caring heart to help us chart our course through this moment in American history. Someone able to make tough decisions, working with each reporter/producer to do their best work. Millions of people are counting on us. 

We’re an extremely collaborative and tight-knit team with broad creative freedom to tell stories however we can. Sometimes it’s a character narrative, other times it’s field reporting or an expert interview, or trying things for ourselves, like buying 1,000 barrels of oil or a load of Christmas trees. Humor, antics, empathy, pathos, metaphor, or even quizzes or song, we deploy whatever tools we need to best explain, engage and entertain. 
19 February 2021