China Technology Policy Reporter
POLITICO’s mission from the very beginning was to win the audience. We dedicate ourselves to providing accurate, nonpartisan, impactful information to the right people at the right time so that they can act with confidence and speed. We experiment to avoid being disrupted and we have fun disrupting others. And we are not afraid to risk failure if it means being the best at what we do. 

POLITICO is looking for a full-time China Technology Policy Reporter to cover the intersection of technology and policy in the world’s largest country across POLITICO’s platforms. As we build our China coverage, we want to deliver our readers scoops by mining Chinese-language information others have overlooked, and to explain some of the most thorny issues facing the world in terms more sophisticated than English-language readers are used to seeing. You’ll write about China – exciting tech companies, their internal dynamics, and how they interact with Beijing – but inevitably, you’ll also be covering the increasingly tech-focused U.S.-China relationship, and collaborating with colleagues in our well-sourced Washington, DC newsroom to co-produce stories that cross borders. You are a futurist who spots trends and developments before others, and are excited to share your vision with readers.
12 October 2020