DataPoint Reporter
DataPoint is growing and we're looking for an enterprising reporter to grow with us.

As a DataPoint reporter you'll pitch and report a range of policy-driven graphics and visual stories, with a focus on our most sought after Pro tier: Premium. While DataPoint's main focus is our Pro readership, paid subscribers, DataPoint also contributes to public-facing newsletters, investigations and long-form journalism. 

The team is also integral in fielding and advising on data reporting in the newsroom, partnering across teams on our Pro Analysis, evergreen explainers on x policy of process, offerings and more. On any day you might pitch a team-wide collaboration decoding the incoming president's Executive Orders, or publish a roll-up of Covid-19 vaccination rates across the United states. You might also contribute to a deeply reported magazine story or partner with newsletters to create informative graphics to lead the day. 

We are a team with varied skills. Talented illustrators, cartographers, musicians, aspiring roller-skaters and more. We're looking for a life-long learner, who has a passion for detangling government policies and processes and compelling visual journalism.
4 February 2021