Health Care Reporter, D.C.
We’re hiring an investigative reporter to cover health care, looking deeply at how policy decisions made by the federal government have life-and-death consequences. It’s a role designed for someone hard-charging and mission-driven, someone who can cut through jargon and comb through data to find the human stories the country needs to know.

We’re looking for a reporter who:

    Has a track record of aggressive reporting on government and landing revelatory stories.
    Aches to report stories that are both important and powerfully told.
    Has sources in Washington agencies or the determination to make them.
    Is truly excited about all the possible ways we can do journalism nowadays: from deep data digging to working with readers to marrying narrative and investigative forms.
    Really likes working with others. Everybody at ProPublica has their own superpower. And we do our best work together.
28 October 2020