South and Southwest Reporters
As ProPublica expands its regional operation into the South and Southwest, we are looking for reporters to join teams in each region. You will take on ambitious, compelling stories grounded in these regions but with national resonance, designed to surprise, reveal, inform and bring about change.

The South has long been the focus of some of ProPublica’s most ambitious coverage. Meanwhile the Southwest provides a front-row seat to the raging battles over immigration, climate change and population growth. Our investigations have drawn attention to the disproportionate toll of bankruptcies in Memphis, Tennessee, the inadequate unemployment system in North Carolina and prosecutorial misconduct in Nevada courts. Our Local Reporting Network partners have also produced work that has had impact across both regions.

Now, we want to expand our ability to uncover gaps in oversight, abuses of power, conflicts of interest and betrayals of the public trust throughout these important regions.
8 December 2020