Cybersecurity Reporter
Protocol is seeking a reporter who can break news and tell original, inside stories about the world of cybersecurity. The world increasingly relies on software to function, and software is inherently flawed. Malicious actors know this better than most policymakers and business executives, and supply-chain attacks and ransomware will be two of the biggest problems for anyone operating on the internet for years to come. But across the same landscape, cybersecurity companies selling comfort and safety prey on these existential fears with products and services that can be confusing and expensive. Cybersecurity issues touch every enterprise and government in the world, and there are many stories to tell — from the perspectives of hackers, defenders, policymakers and more. At Protocol, we're hoping to draw a line through all of these issues and tell business leaders the news and information they need to navigate the security landscape, so that they can keep their companies and customers safe.
9 June 2021