Reporter - Health Tech
We're seeking a reporter to cover the world of health and medical technology — everything from telemedicine and health apps to data management, genomics, AI in healthcare, and personal health devices like fitness trackers. We're looking for someone who will understand how governments regulate health and medical devices and data; and how big tech companies and emerging startups are hoping to disrupt the health care industry; and how COVID-19 has changed and continues to change the entire landscape.

The ideal candidate will be well sourced in health tech, with a knack for finding out what's happening and explaining what it means and why it matters to a savvy audience; be capable of producing scoops, daily news and enterprise stories; and have a solid understanding of health technology and are well-sourced in that world. We're not looking for a reporter to summarize what others have already reported; we're looking for a reporter who can consistently break news that other reporters have to follow. 
8 July 2020