Senior Reporter, China
As part of this vision, Protocol seeks our inaugural full-time China Technology Reporter to cover the intersection of technology and policy in the world's largest country. As we build our China coverage, we want to deliver our readers scoops by mining Chinese-language information others have overlooked, and to explain some of the thorniest issues facing the world in terms more sophisticated than English-language readers are used to seeing. You'll write about China – its tech companies, their internal dynamics, and how those companies interact with Beijing and the rest of the world. You'll help our influential U.S. readers understand what new trends to watch for, where major tech talent is going, and how China and its tech giants will impact our readers' lives and work. You are a futurist who spots trends and developments before others. You like to find information no one else has yet, and to write about tomorrow's big thing, rather than writing another article about today's big thing. You infuse your journalism with answers to the questions: "what's next?" and "what should readers do about it?"
9 July 2021