Deputy Email Editor
Quartz seeks a deputy email editor in the US to write and edit our Daily Brief email, homepage, and app notifications, and to assist with the editing and production of other email projects. This role requires a Sunday to Thursday schedule, and is particularly well-suited to candidates who are deadline-focused, excited about the news, and enjoy bringing a little levity to their work, especially in the form of haiku. 

The successful candidate will have stellar news judgment, with an eye for stories about business and the global economy that drive conversation. They will have experience monitoring and curating news across an array of websites and social networks, and a knack for writing pithy, informative notifications and summaries. 

This role rewards candidates who are highly collaborative and able to coordinate across editorial and product teams. They should be adept at managing their time, communicating in real time, paying attention to detail, testing and aiding in the development of new products, thinking strategically, responding to breaking news, distilling and assembling stories in creative ways, and developing good relationships with a broad cross section of newsroom colleagues. 
27 November 2020