Emerging Industries Editor
Quartz seeks an entrepreneurial editor with a background in science and tech journalism to shape our coverage of emerging companies and industries through obsessions such as The Climate Economy, Beyond Silicon Valley, Future of Work, and How We Spend. We are looking for someone with professional editing and reporting experience, a facility with data, a creative approach to their work, and an ability to see around corners to where science and technology are heading and how global business will be affected. We'd look to you to find fresh ways to translate news developments into interesting, timely stories, and to identify ideas, companies, and people deserving of more attention. 

The successful candidate will be curious and versatile, excellent at surfacing stories, and fascinated by using company and industry trends as a tool to explain the global economy (and vice versa). That might mean looking at geothermal energy as the next boom in renewables, unpacking the DoorDash IPO as a harbinger of the challenges ahead for delivery companies, or looking at the rise of automation in unexpected industries during the pandemic. The ideal candidate has the ability to parse wonky concepts, pull insights out of data, and identify stories that will resonate with and provide real utility to readers. 
16 January 2021