Emerging Industries Reporter
Quartz seeks an entrepreneurial reporter to shape our coverage of companies and emerging industries through the lens of obsessions such as Fixing Capitalism, Beyond Silicon Valley, and How We Spend. We’re looking for a combination of quick analysis of news developments, smart use of data to support an argument, and deeply reported articles that identify larger storylines. The reporter will also contribute to our field guides on different industries, and to company-centric newsletters for Quartz members. 

The successful candidate will be curious and versatile, excellent at surfacing stories, and fascinated by using company and industry trends as a tool to explain the global economy (and vice versa). That might mean unpacking the mechanics of a TikTok deal as a harbinger of future pushback on Chinese apps, looking at consumer spending to suss out the unexpected winners from a locked-down economy, or peeking under the hoods of the latest round of IPO contenders. The ideal candidate has the ability to clearly explain wonky business concepts, pull insights out of data, and convey humor in their writing. They are allergic to corporate jargon and love nothing more than parsing an earnings call or S-1 filing for story ideas. 
27 November 2020