Reporter, Asia
Quartz seeks an entrepreneurial reporter in Asia to shape our coverage of business and the global economy through the lens of obsessions such as Because China, Future of Finance, Beyond Silicon Valley, and Borders. We’re looking for a combination of quick analysis of news developments, smart use of data to support an argument, and deeply reported articles on big storylines and for our field guides to the global economy. The reporter will also contribute to Quartz’s flagship newsletter, the Daily Brief. 

The successful candidate will be curious and versatile, excellent at surfacing stories, and able to spot a larger trend or overlooked shift unfolding in corporate, geopolitical, or cultural developments. That might mean explaining succinctly how Samsung will benefit from the US-China battle around Huawei, quickly parsing a prospectus for a long-awaited fintech IPO, finding a data point that shows Japan is (or isn’t) becoming a better place to work for women, or explaining the Milk Tea Alliance. They’ll have the ability to convey humor in their writing, be allergic to corporate jargon, and welcome with a generous spirit the challenges of working with colleagues in multiple zones and mentoring less experienced colleagues.
12 October 2020