Technology Reporter
Quartz seeks a reporter to contribute to its coverage of the technology sector globally, with a focus on producing original insights on the news, reported scoops, and informed analysis.

You would help shape our efforts to take uniquely creative approaches to covering technology news. Developing fresh ways to look at technology and trends and translating them into interesting, provocative articles, is a central challenge of this job. You should expect to bring a solid grounding in data and a healthy dose of skepticism to the task.

We'd look to you to rapidly identify people who deserve more attention, see around corners to where technology and business are heading, and surface detailed examples that help readers understand what the industry is obsessing about. We'd want you to be both excited about the fundamental potential of technology, while staying thoughtful, critical, and creative in your coverage of it. You may write quick chart-driven posts, sleuth out little-known facts about big companies, delve into the intersection of tech and culture or tech and security, and weigh in on the big issues of our time.
29 April 2019