Things Reporter
You would be part of the Quartz Things team, which is chiefly responsible for our data-driven, visual, interactive, and experimental journalism. From charts to interactive graphics, news apps to calculators, plus distinctive approaches to written posts, "Thing" is our catchall term for stories that break free of the traditional words-based article formats. 

We try to convey information in new ways that work better on the web. Developing those new storytelling methods—and empowering others to use them—is the challenge of this job.

We're a small team with a range of experience and big ambition. The type of work we make together and the team’s future work will reflect the expertise you have and the skills you want to learn. For this position, we are looking for someone with a background in one or more of the following: frontend web development, systems administration, statistics, machine learning, computer vision, data science, cartography, remote sensing, design, illustration, cartooning, 3D modeling, writing, and information architecture. Obviously, no one covers all of that ground.
2 January 2021