Pensacola News Journal

Reporter, Growth and Development
The Pensacola News Journal is looking for a growth and development reporter with good news instincts, strong watchdog skills, an ability to spot trends and a curiosity about what is going up and coming down around the growing city. This reporter will report on a variety of issues, trends and breaking news stories, but they will primarily focus on covering growth and development issues in the Pensacola area. The ideal candidate will quickly build a diverse group of sources throughout the community to help them spot unique developments, understand trends and dive into complex issues that come with a growing city. Qualified candidates must be well versed in using social media to spot trends and story opportunities. This reporter will need to come up with their own story ideas, but also be able to juggle those with ones assigned by editors. They will produce a mix of breaking news, daily content and longer-term enterprise including traditional print and digital stories, video and alternative story formats.
19 September 2021