Rest of World

China Reporter
Rest of World is an international journalism publication dedicated to surfacing and showcasing the surprising and unintended effects of tech in places that get little attention from mainstream news outlets. Since launching last year, we have published stories from over 70 countries, anchored by our editors and reporters in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Latin America and Africa. This year, we’re putting together a new dedicated team to focus on Chinese tech companies and their impact across the world. We are hiring a reporter to join Rest of World’s China team to cover the intersection of Chinese technology, business and culture. We’re looking for someone who is obsessed with China’s technology ecosystem, including the digital platforms, and is eager to tell ambitious stories. We’re looking for someone who is open to experimenting on formats, and will jump at the opportunity to write about China’s gamble on semiconductor manufacturing with the same enthusiasm as they will about the latest ab workout fad on Tiktok.
8 October 2021