Thomson Reuters

Associate Editor, Global Pictures Desk
Reuters is looking for an enthusiastic and globally-minded journalist with strong English and a sharp eye for detail who can effortlessly sift through the thousands of photos our photographers shoot every day. You will join our global team editing the news pictures service, in Bangalore, India. In your role you will contribute to the daily picture file. Our Global Pictures Desk team ensures the quality, accuracy and speed of delivery of news pictures to our clients worldwide. We have a dynamic newsroom including text, visuals, digital, polling, graphics, legal and sports journalists who collaborate to produce a compelling professional news product unavailable anywhere else. We are the first to know the news. This is a full-time, desk-based role, that requires flexibility. You must be willing to work as part of a global 24/7 rotating shift system, including weekends and public holidays, with occasional night shifts.
31 May 2021