Thomson Reuters

Courts and Justice Columnist (Editor in Charge)
Reuters is seeking an exceptional columnist to join its U.S. legal news team. The successful candidate will work as a member of a team of expert legal journalists producing content for the online news platform of Thomson Reuters’ flagship legal product Westlaw.

The Courts and Justice Columnist will deliver a regular column focused on access to justice in the United States, with a focus on the criminal justice system. While there is unprecedented attention to the issue today, debates, legislation and reforms in this area will continue for years to come. Through reporting and analysis, the columnist will delve into these issues, producing rich and engaging commentary about the evolution of the criminal justice system, as well as the lack of access to representation in immigration, family, housing and other civil courts. The column will focus not just on legal issues and the application of the law, but also on the broader elements of the justice system, from policing to prosecutions to the longer-term impact of racial and socio-economic biases on the legal process, providing nuanced insights and context to a complex subject. 
25 June 2020