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Industry Editor, EMEA Financials News
The EMEA Financials news team includes London-based reporters and editors, as well as journalists in mainland Europe, India, Pakistan and the Philippines. You will also interact with other members of S&P Global Market Intelligence's wider global news team. You will be surrounded by experienced journalists and analysts committed to accuracy, fairness, timeliness and relevance. It's a fast-paced newsroom environment that is congenial and professional. S&P Global Market Intelligence seeks an editor with a passion for financial news and journalism. You will generate news content (primarily editing but some writing) on the Europe, Middle East and Africa banking and financial services industries. Our real-time, subscription-based news service reaches an influential readership that includes investment bankers, buy- and sell-side teams, C-suite professionals and regulators. Our massive database of market, regulatory and corporate data offers ample opportunities to enhance and drive our news content.
12 November 2021