S&P Global Market Intelligence

Technology & Telecommunications Reporter
As part of the Technology, Media and Telecom group, you will work closely with a veteran editorial staff dedicated to producing in-depth reporting and data-driven analysis on Big Tech and telecommunications companies, from Facebook and Google to Verizon and AT&T. The S&P Global Market Intelligence newsroom offers opportunities to collaborate with a team of more than 300 editors and journalists from around the world to provide insights on how tech and telecom trends impact markets and businesses across industries, in line with the highest standards of journalistic excellence. Your content reaches an influential readership that includes industry leaders at media and entertainment conglomerates, wireless and broadband providers, online video outfits and software companies, as well as leading global financial institutions. Utilizing our massive database — with comprehensive analytics of the market, as well as corporate data that impacts our sectors — your data-focused articles will dive deep into the trends underpinning the telecommunications and technology industries.
1 October 2021