Social Media Manager
Exactly 45 billion dollars is locked up in cash security deposits. We prove that there's a better way. Rhino is bringing financial flexibility to renters everywhere.

We give renters a choice in a transaction that never offered choice before. We replace upfront security deposits with affordable insurance that saves renters hundreds and thousands of dollars. To date, we have saved renters over $150 million and are trusted in over 1 million homes across all 50 states.

Founded in 2017 and VC backed, Rhino's mission is to utilize technology to offer products and services that break down financial barriers and offer a win-win solution for both renters and property owners/managers alike.

As social media manager, you'll focus on creating original text and content, managing posts (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more) and responding to followers in a timely, thoughtful manner. We expect you to be up-to-date with the latest digital technologies and social media trends, with a passion for staying connected online and an eye for opportunities to build awareness and support for our business and mission. 
27 November 2020