The Associated Press (AP)

Newsperson, Technology Reporter
The Associated Press seeks an enterprising reporter with a proven track record of developing sources and breaking stories to cover technology as a newsperson, based in Washington D.C. or San Francisco. Reporting to the technology editor in AP’s Business News department, this newsperson will seek to consistently break news and produce distinct, deeply reported enterprise about technologies launching from Silicon Valley and the ways technology can be abused to infringe on privacy and/or manipulate human behavior. The successful candidate will understand the complex relationship between technology companies and government regulators, and will be able to explain how new devices and services are changing our lives at work and at home. This newsperson will think creatively and critically, will be driven by curiosity about topics that include, but are not limited to, social media, drones, biotechnology, online shopping and advertising, personal privacy and cybersecurity. This newsperson must have the ability and willingness to work any shift, including at night and on weekends, or as coverage demands, as AP is a 24/7 operation. 
21 September 2018