The Baltimore Sun

Content Editor, Breaking News
The Baltimore Sun seeks an entrepreneurial, audience-savvy editor to help drive our emerging news coverage. Emerging news encompasses both traditional breaking news such as crime, fire, accidents and weather as well as timely reports driven by what our audience needs to know. Urgent, smart, accurate coverage of these topics is key to furthering The Baltimore Sun’s status as the pre-eminent news source in the region.

This person would be responsible for monitoring breaking news and assigning, editing and producing content in varied formats that serves our audience. They would program content on The Sun’s digital channels (mobile site, app, desktop, etc.). And they would help execute our community engagement practices, such as programming newsletters and social media platforms. 

This role requires hyper-alertness to news and keen news judgment. This editor would be responsible for not only guiding stories from idea conception to final edit, but also writing compelling headlines, maximizing SEO and keeping digital channels updated in a speedy manner.
9 February 2021