The Buffalo News

Business Editor
The Buffalo News seeks a creative, experienced editor who will help us expand and rethink coverage of the Buffalo Niagara region’s biggest story: its economic revival. The business editor will lead a team of reporters who will relentlessly cover the forces that are shaping the future of Buffalo – and, most important, explain why it all matters. The big storyline in Buffalo is the city's nascent resurgence, and whether it will rebound post-pandemic. Historic buildings are coming back to life. A medical campus is reshaping downtown. A new solar factory has made big promises about jobs to come. But questions remain. This editor will work closely with veteran reporters to identify untold stories, both big and small, that reveal the surprising ways Buffalo and its surrounding communities are changing. Topics will touch on a wide variety of subjects – from the local economy to health care to the city’s growing startup scene to how climate change will shape the future of Buffalo. The team will be charged with explaining what’s working, what’s percolating, what needs work, who’s ascendant, what’s in the pipeline and what it means for readers.
5 August 2021