The Canadian Press

Reporter-Editor, Temporary, Full-time
The Canadian Press is looking for a fastidious and detail-oriented reporter to tell new types of stories and work on innovative journalism projects. You will be a part of CP’s Digital Data Desk and will work collaboratively across the company to build the future of news in Canada.

D3 is a new team at The Canadian Press. It will focus on using automation and AI to create databases, interactive graphics and print stories. We’re finding new ways to fill the news deserts being left by the decline of traditional print media.

You will be part of a team with developers and a data technologist. This role will require solid journalistic instincts, a keen eye for detail, a willingness to try different forms of journalism and most importantly, creativity. The ideal candidate will be passionate about trying new things and be excited about thinking of and implementing creative solutions to solve problems.
2 July 2020