The Capitol Forum

Capitol Hill Antitrust Correspondent
The Capitol Forum delivers investigative news and legal analysis of industry-defining competition policy issues to an influential subscriber base that includes investors, regulators, lawyers, and policymakers.

By producing timely investigative journalism and exclusive analysis, we have become one of the fastest growing, differentiated, and influential media companies in the United States. The Capitol Forum is seeking a Capitol Hill reporter with a proven ability to break business or policy news. The position will require the reporter to write clear, in-depth, accurate stories on antitrust issues that are in focus on Capitol Hill.

We’re looking for an aggressive journalist who can get market-moving scoops that shed light on government processes and place the news in context with penetrating analysis.

The best candidate will be a natural at building a source network on Capitol Hill and show persistence and determination in getting a story. Knowledge or background in competition law isn’t required, but you must be interested in learning what antitrust is and why it’s so important in today’s world.

The Capitol Forum compensates well for journalists with the right skills and provides a professional, supportive and entrepreneurial environment in which to thrive.
6 January 2021