The Charlotte Observer

Breaking News Reporter
The Observer is looking for a versatile, driven journalist who thrives on jumping on breaking news of the day. This is a fast-paced beat for a reporter who can spot breaking news that’s compelling to readers and can identify narratives that will engage a digital audience. We’re looking for a reporter who is excited to run with news across a wide range of topics, including trending stories and deeper follow-ups that engage readers and hold officials and institutions accountable.

The position requires an ability to juggle several stories at once and to spot the right enterprise stories to go deeper on. We’re looking for a self-paced reporter who can find stories without waiting for an assignment and who can cultivate reliable sources.

Strong headlines, conversational writing and good storytelling abilities are all important parts of this job. It’s also critical to have strong skills at using social media to find story ideas, promote our journalism and engage an audience.

 This reporter should also understand successful SEO and know how to grow readership by using metrics to see how stories resonated with readers — and be comfortable using analytics tools to develop a deep understanding of our audience and what types of stories interest readers. 
2 March 2021