The Charlotte Observer

Growth and Development Reporter
The growth and development reporter covers a fast-moving, high-profile beat for the Observer – one that demands competitive, breaking news coverage as well as exclusive, high-end enterprise that helps our audience understand and make sense of the changes around them in our rapidly growing city. The beat needs to connect multiple communities, from young professionals looking for a condo uptown to long-time residents concerned about the latest trends in their neighborhood to workers wondering what their office life will look like post-pandemic. This core beat involves breaking news, working sources, mining public databases, uncovering trends and talking to real people. Each day, Charlotte adds about 50 new people, bringing an increased demand for housing, retail, schools and other development. That growth creates opportunities but also significant challenges for the city, such as a lack of affordable housing and escalating real estate costs. This beat has a major accountability component, through public records, data analysis and strong sourcing and reporting. Stories need to go beyond press releases and zoning board meetings to what is driving the decisions that affect the community.
1 June 2021