The Colorado Sun

Team Editor
The Colorado Sun is seeking a team editor -- a self-starter with a wide range of skills to play a key role in setting the news agenda and managing the work of an aggressive and talented staff that tells the ongoing story of a rapidly changing state. 

The job: The team editor, who will report to our senior editor but also work independently, will have the ability to apply both traditional organizational and line-editing duties with digital-native responsibilities like story production and podcasts to keep our online news site sharp and engaging. They’ll be involved with all aspects of our news operation, shaping our coverage from conception to completion. It all starts with assisting in short- and long-term story planning -- recognizing the issues and personalities that make Colorado unique and translating those into stories that are crisp, smart and useful to our readers.

The team editor will match those ideas with staff members and contractors, as well as manage the pitches of freelance writers. The editor should have excellent organizational skills and be able to communicate effectively with our dispersed team of contributors, including freelance photographers, to help manage the flow of news and features. This also involves keeping the weekly story budget up to date and line editing stories when they arrive. On the back end of the process, they’ll help with production and headlines, plus coordinate production and scheduling of stories.
4 February 2021